Meet Our Bots

Introducing our Bots

We are continuously innovating either it is about Improving user experience OR Using Bots to cut down data entry work and enable automated actions OR Finding ways to ease access to critical business information OR Providing mobility to critical business information OR Delivering a notification on Mobile using google push notification OR To adopt masonry layouts to make our user interfaces responsive OR To create extraordinary data analytic OR To enable user to build custom dashboard. Everything that we do is extraordinary and here is the introduction of our Bots:

Fusion Cashewnut

I am FusionNerd, your bot to handle auto pilot processes in Talent Management Suite. I have been trained to Auto pilot employee performance review and appraisalĀ  process. So you relax and let me handle all the activities from initiating to concluding.

Fusion Almond

My Name is Fusion Almond and I have been created to handle Supply Chain Activities. You can set rules or tasks for me to take automated actions either to create recurring PO or to keep eye on material position or to take rule based action.

Fussion Hazelnut

I have been created to watch performance of departments, individuals, operating locations, project or activity. You can setup my work, actions that I need to take up and I assure you to report performance or non performance promptly

Fusion Donut

I am a Robot and my name is Fusion Donut. I am your implementation assistant to help in setting up new application instance so that you can quickly check-in and start using our solutions without having need to follow traditional implementation process

Fusion Walnut

My name is Walnut and I have been created to handle all auto accounting tasks. I can cut down your data entry work up-to 50% if you assign me tasks smartly. I work in midnight so you can see my work next day morning.

Fussion Chestnut

My Name is Chestnut and I am brainchild of goFusion. My job is to route any tasks or assignment or any workflow requirement to respective persons for actions. I will make sure you stay active and follow your action timeline.