Talent Suite

Talent Suite

FusionFox Talent Suite gives you the ability you to build a comprehensive basis for Human Resource data and effectively use talent to obtain maximum value from the investments. Talent Suite provides a robust HR functionalities that allow you to increase productivity, accelerate performance and decreases your cost of ownership.

Our talent management modules cover 360 degree of the talent lifecycle – planning, recruiting, performance, learning, career development, succession planning, compensation, talent reviews and measuring and reporting.

Talent Suite is available under following licensing options:

a. Talent90 (Foundation)
b. Talent180 (Essential)
c. Talent270 (Advance)
d. Talent360 (Premier)
e. Payroll Management
f.  Mobile Suite

Talent 90 (Foundation)

It is the startup module in Talent Management Suite and covers functionality is that essential to keep Human Capital Management foundation. The application stack that Talent90 includes is as follow:

Talent90 Demo

Talent 90 has following features:

a. Employee Information Management
b. Compensation Management
c. Leave and Time-off Management
d. Organization Insight
e. HR Manager Dashboard
f.  Health and Social Welfare
e. Onbaording and Off boarding
f.  Employee Data Analytic

Talent 180 (Essential)

This includes Talent90, Employee Self Service, Approval Workflow Management, Performance 360, Key Performance Indicators, Employee and Manager home page, Delegate Work or Task to Team members and Resource Time Allocation

Talent 270 (Advance)

This includes Talent180, Competency Management, Succession Planning, Career Progression, Portfolio Management, Resource Allocation and Feedback management. Overview of the add-on features available are as here under:

Talent 360 (Premier)

This includes Talent270, Talent Planning, Acquisition, Job Description, Talent Selection, Recruiter Work bench, iOnboarding etc. Overview of the add-on features available are as here under:

Payroll Management

This includes Payroll planning, Attendance records, Statuary deductions, Tax management, Payroll processing, Bank transfer and Emailing Salary Slip to the Employees. Overview of the add-on features available are as here under: