FusionFox is an Enterprise Application Suite available on AWS cloud as well as On-premise. This is built on Oracle Fusion Technology platform using Application Development Framework (JDeveloper) and Service Oriented Architecture. FusionFox is powered by Business Process Robotics, Workflow Engine, Integrated document management system, Prebuid Data Analytics to Analyze business information and create on-demand reports, Custom Dashboard builder with our KPI library and Mobile solutions to provide required mobility to your important business information to take prompt business decisions.

We have given top important to making user interfaces extraordinary simple so that users with nominal training or with the help of our online video tutorials can self learn, quickly check-in and start using solution. The idea is to enable existing IT staff to implement the solution themselves with the help of our implementation video tutorials to cut down implementation cost and quickly realize the benefits with incremental deployment approach.

FusionFox is presently offered under four options which are:

a. FusionFox Express
b. FusionFox Business Plus
c. FusionFox Extended
d. FusionFox Add-Ons

FusionFox Express

This is the foundation suite addressing business needs of Trading and Distribution Companies and covers following modules:

    • Business Structure: Business Group Setup, Division or Organization Setup, Operating Location Setup, Business Rules Setup, Workflow Setup
    • Master Data Management: Vendor Master, Customer Master, Item Master, Vendor Grouping and Catalogues Management
    • Financial Management: General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cost Accounting, Tax Accounting, Cash Management and Budgeting
    • Supply Chain Management: Material Requirement Planning, Procurement, Quality Control, Stock Allocation and Transfer, and Vendor Management
    • Order Management: Order Processing, Material Allocation, Sales Targets and Quota Management, Delivery Scheduling and Material Release Orders
    • Warehouse Management: Receiving and Dispatching, Internal Material Issue/ Returns, Reconciliation, Stock Transfers, Minimum Stock Planning

FusionFox Business Plus

This suite includes modules covered in FusionFox Express plus additional functionality to cater to Contracting Businesses, Oil and Gas, Project Centric Industry. This includes following additional modules:

      • Project Management: Project Planning, Activity Management Framework, Estimation Cost Analysis and Teaming Agreements
      • Operations Management: Project Inventory Management, Progress Monitoring, Daily Site Data Reporting and Onsite Activity Planning
      • Service Sourcing and Subcontracting: Service Request Processing, Regular and Frame Contract, Subcontracting and Service Receiving
      • Leasing Management: Third Party Leasing or Renting Equipment, Rate Agreements, Lease Duration, Billing and contracts management

FusionFox Extended

This is designed for Manufacturing Companies and it is again extension of FusionFox Express edition. This includes following additional modules to cater to diverse manufacturing business needs:

  • Plant Capacity Planning: Capacity Setup by Machine and Work Center, Capacity Consolidation, Capacity Utilization and Performance Management
  • Production Planning and Control (PPC): BOM, Routing Management, Demand Planning, Periodic Production Schedule (PPS), MRP
  • Production Management: Job cards Execution, Work Center Daily plans, Production of Semi-finished and Finished Goods, Quality Control
  • Costing Management: Work in Progress, Work Center wise Costing, Product Costing, Semi-finished Material Costing, Manpower and Overhead Setup
  • Job Work Management: Subcontracting Production Jobs and Producing or Processing Third Party Material in the Plant

FusionFox Add-Ons

This includes everything that we have on platter and again extension of FusionFox Express. The feature and additional modules covered are as follow:

  • Enterprise Asset and Maintenance: Asset Life cycle Management, Asset Mobilization, Depreciation, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting: Demand Planning, Worksheet Management, Forecaster Workbench, Collaborator Workbench and Predictive Demand Management
  • Transportation and Logistics : Logistic Planning, Service Rates, Transportation Order, Loading and Unloading, Shipment Tracking and Gatepass
  • Advance Financial Management: Auto Accounting, Financial Analytic, Mandate Transaction Management, Cash-flow and Forecasting, Budget Planning and Monitoring
  • Retail Operations Management: Point of Sales, Inventory Management, Demand Planning, Minimum Stock Levels, Bin Location, Stock Transfer and Receipts