Fusion DVM

Data Analytics

Fusion DVM is a Data Analytics Framework and Customer Data Builder. This can be very handy in analyzing critical business information from different prospective and dimensions. We use reusable data visualization components (KPI Library) to build custom dashboard. This is designed using Oracle ADF Technology where data from different sources can be extracted real-time and loaded in the highly innovative and dynamic data template for Analysis and building reports instantly.

Most organizations have mountainous volume of data but no “information ” or fragmented information or disjointed information. This framework can help business users make most of the available data by not just analyzing but extract value that can help in improving

Data Analytic is fundamentally converting data into information that can be used for effective decision making.

Value Proposition

  • Custom Reports Building
  • Instant Information Viewer
  • Predictive Data Analysis
  • Trend/ History Analysis
  • Performance Analysis
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Transactions Analysis
  • Management Reporting
  • Customizable to your needs
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to use and scalable
  • Realize benefits in just 2 weeks

Fusion DVM

Why Data Analytics

  • Every department’s manager in an organization has a need of quick and real time access to business related data.
  • The data need may varies at every department’s level for their reporting, internal, management, analysis or other purposes.
  • This becomes tedious when you have data lying at different sources but having no capability to use the data.
  • This is the gap that needs to be filled in the simple manner without making higher investments or adopting BI tools.
  • In legacy systems it is nearly impossible to get the real time instant custom reporting from the available data sources in the organization.
  • gofusion.in Data Explorer is designed keeping in mind all the possible requirements with interactive and flexible GUI.
  • These are customizable to suite your unique data availability and business needs.
  • Data Explorer is convenient even for the naïve users to get what they want without depending on IT or vendors.

Key Features


  • Comprehensive filtering and sorting options
  • LPivot table power loaded in the data explorer
  • Supports Value, List, Date, Formula Filter


  • Select required Columns, put them in order you want
  • Apply filtering options to get what you need
  • Resize width and apply sorting

Data Excel

  • Excel type view with its capabilities to filter data
  • Extended filters and sorting capabilities
  • Easier than Excel with more flexibility and power

Custom Dashboard Builder